Background from Little Kitty, Big City, 2021, Digital

"Moon Bunny", 2019,Digital

"Robot Theodore Roosevelt Stamp", 2019, Digital

"Pumpkin Mice",2020, Gouache

"Life After Death", 2020, Digital

"'Journey to Wonderland' Book Cover", 2020, Gouache on Cardboard

"Smiling Through the Pain", 2020, Gouache​​​​​​​

"Color Blind Mantis Shrimp", 2020, Gouache
Left to Right: Normal, Black and White Colorblindness, Blue-Yellow Colorblindness, Red-Green Colorblindness

"Blue Alice", 2020, Digital

"Pink Alice", 2020, Digital

"Cube", 2020, Digital

"Don CeStar", 2020, Digital

"Neptune", 2020, Digital

"Mermaids", 2020, Digital

"Pages for a Children's ABC Books About Different Dog Breeds", 2019, Digital
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